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Product Feature: Delta Touch2O Technology

Our Go To Tap For Any Kitchen…pun intended

Today we thought we would give our feedback on the Delta Touch2O Technology - Trinsic series

Delta is definitely a forerunner when it comes to technological innovation in the world of kitchen and bathroom faucets. In 2011 they launched their ToucH20 series and haven’t looked back. It is revolutionizing the way people do dishes, and has left many of their competitors scrambling trying to keep up.

We have installed a few of these kitchen faucets over the years and knew we had to invest in one for ourselves. It’s been over 2 years and we couldn’t be happier, it’s still part of the tour when showing our home to friends.

Why We’re Fans:

  • Stunning sleek design

  • It’s seriously like jewelry for your kitchen

  • Simplicity of use

  • Easy tap-on, tap-off function…genius

  • Modifies how you behave toward other’ll for sure find yourself tapping other faucets expecting to see running water

  • Game changer in how you do feels like your kitchen is a smooth operating machine

  • Has a super practical 2” pull-down spray hose which hides away by magnetizing to the main body with a simple click

  • Smartly thought out, the head of the sprayer is the only part of the faucet that won’t engage the touch activation feature, allowing you to spray around your sink edges or fill a bucket without interruption

  • The sprayer has two modes, full and shower spray

  • Has visual temperature feedback

  • Spectrum LED light fluctuates from cool blue, purple, pink to red hot

  • Intuitive

  • It seamlessly blends the mechanics of familiar (classic operation of a joystick lever) with touch activation

  • Great safety feature

  • Kid friendly

  • It’s a feature we exhibit to virtually everyone on our home tours..enough said

  • Feels more hygienic

  • Peace of mind knowing no raw chicken fingers have touched your tap..thanks be for elbows and forearms..with this tap you can get creative

  • Eliminates the gruesome task of have to clean in and around mould and mildew ridden faucets

  • Brings an element of play to the kitchen

  • Feels like you’re living in the future

  • Dishes feel less like a chore…ok well it definitely gives you pause and a different kind of appreciation when doing them

  • Has you engaged and interacting in what would normally be an everyday mundane task

  • Eco-friendly

  • We found we use less water because its so easy to tap-on and off than a traditional tap, all while maintaining the temperature and pressure

  • Has a built-in 4 minute auto shut off safeguard in case you leave the water running

  • Promotes water conservation, as timer shut off it makes you conscious of your water consumption when doing dishes

  • Relatively easy installation

  • You can really tell they have taken the time to illustrate and simplify the instructions so it’s easy to understand

  • Not much more complicated than average kitchen faucet install

  • Basically there’s the extra step of having to install and connect the solenoid assembly which is easily done by following the detailed and picture assisted installation manual

  • The whole faucet is powered by either 6 AA batteries or 4 C batteries (when you take the smaller insert out)..meaning it’ll work in the event of a power outage

  • The AA batteries last approx. 2 years, whereas the C batteries will last you (and your family) about 5years..even with a good amount of use

  • The faucet cleverly alerts you when the battery power is running low by flashing the red light (at the base of the spout) when you tap-on or tap-off the faucet

  • So word to the wise: have extra batteries on hand for when that day arises

  • We have had zero complaints/issues from clients regarding this product since our first installation in 2012

  • Has a great customer service support if you should need it

  • We once had a general question when installing one of their faucets and called their support team. We didn’t have to wait long to speak with a real person, he was extremely knowledgeable about Delta’s products and was able to offer needed advice

  • Fills you with an odd sense of gratitude for how far civilization has come, and for how fortunate we are to live where we do and in a time that has touch faucets and blogs

Do you have any questions about the Delta Touch2O?

Share photos of your Delta Touch2O

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